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Solar Signs – The Reliable and Eco-Conscious Signage Hire Solution

Let the sun do your advertising for you – well, almost. Green Signs Hire has a range of high-quality solar signs for hire, perfect to meet a range of advertisement signage needs in sunny Adelaide, Melbourne and more.

The benefits of solar signs

Solar signs continue to rise in popularity, and for good reason! Firstly, solar energy and solar signs have grown rapidly more advanced in recent years, allowing for a more reliable and more easily customised signage solution powered by the sun. Secondly, solar signs allow an off-the-grid power supply allowing you more freedom around where you put your signs. No more cumbersome and expensive wires and cables.

Who would most benefit from solar signs?

With our many sunny days, Australia as a whole is well-suited for solar powered technology of any kind, signs included. But places that most benefit from solar signs are those where existing power sources are not available. Whether you need civil safety signs to alert approaching motorists of roadworks, or you need a reliable, on-the-go sign solution for a standout sign where digital signage might not be expected (such as for a food truck at a festival), our solar signs are what you’ve been looking for.

Incorporating eco-friendly solar signs – be it for a retail shop front or elsewhere is a great way to signal that you care about the environment. This can be the edge needed to ensure that potential customers stop by your shop rather than that next door.

Solar signs for hire to meet all your advertisement needs

Our solar signs are rapidly popular sign solution, which is why it’s important to reach out to our team to enquire about our sign availabilities early. We’re always happy to help potential customers discover their ideal signage solutions, whether it be for road safety, trailer boards, or something else entirely. For more information about our signs in Adelaide, Melbourne and beyond contact our friendly staff today.